About Us

A story behind a product can be just as important as the product itself. Our story started like many stories do, girl meets boy and falls in love.

Hi, my name is Erin and I'm the owner and creator along side my husband Chris.  We started our soap journey learning to make favors for our wedding. Our wedding day was very DIY ( I even baked our own wedding cake). I wanted to create a wedding favor showcasing both our skillsets. Chris is a chemical engineer by trade and I (Erin) am a massage therapist. Soap favors seemed like a fun and logical craft we could do together. 

We had our first daughter a year later and life changed. Life always changes when you have a child, but this seemed harder. Summer Csernica was born with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome). Those first 6 months in and out of the hospital were really hard. I spent countless nights awake trying to figure out how we could get back to a normal life. Shocked daily on how our medical community looked at my family, I was going to change that.  

Mt Lebanon Soap Company was founded in 2011. Our motto is: Handmade from scratch and wrapped with purpose.

Our soap is a blend of plant based oils enhanced by a combination of essential and fragrance oils. We use the cold process method to craft our soap by hand in small batches. I'm a firm believer that less is more and simple can be amazing. Each bar cures for a minimum of 6 weeks, proving a longer lasting, more gentle bar. Each step in soap making is equally important to me, which is why I hand bevel each bar. Our packaging finishes off our brand. We use a post consumer, recycled pulp box giving a unique style to our brand while showing we do care for the environment. 

Wrapped with purpose, isn't referring to our amazing packaging, its referring to our mission. This business was created for Summer Csernica, our adorable daughter. We aim to teach her valuable skills as she grows, letting her shine in her potential. The proceeds of our soap are put away for our daughters future. She is now 13, and has started to help in the process. You order might have just been packaged by her tiny hands.