Aloe Vera Cucumber Soap

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This listing is for one (1) bar of Aloe Vera Cucumber Soap packaged like the above pictures.

We all know cucumber can soothe the skin, but did you know cucumbers have been used since the Nineteenth Century in soaps and other cosmetics. Aloe Vera can easily penetrate the three layers of your skin to stimulate the reproduction of new cells, replacing the dead skin cells. Besides all the wonderful benefits of these two ingredients this vegan soap it just smells crisp and clean. This is a refreshing soap for the summer soothing your sun kissed skin.

- beveled soap edges
- large 5oz bar
- packaged in recycled cardboard box (pictured above)
- all ingredients clearly listed on the back
- Vegan
- real aloe vera & cucumbers in each bar

Olive Oil, Pureed Cucumber, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Sustainable Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Phthlate Free Fragrance, & Chlorophyll (natural green coloring)