Soap Net for handmade soap

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Soap Net

We did not make or invent this soap net, however I really wish we did. Upon discovering this soap sock we have been nothing but satisified with its durability, the soap bag is made from a recyclable non absorbent polymer. What exactly does that mean? Well, it is exactly the same loofa/shower puff you would use with liquid or gel soap, this is just a net to hold our handmade soap. A net enables you to use all of the soap, all the way to the end of the bar. This net also addes more lather and a gentle exfoliation. There is even a strap you can wrap around your wrist, never dropping your soap again.

Made in USA.

The Soap Net has a tiny bead that helps keep the bag closed. This bead comes in different colors, you can pick a color when checking out. I might not have every color available, but if I can match your request I will.

Our soap is pictured in the photo and is a large 5oz bar. If you find that you have larger bars of soap simply cut them with a knife to use this bag.